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Check out online comics from Archie Comics, PJ Holden and more.

Here’s a round up of some of the best comics we’ve seen online recently. If we missed something, let us know in the comments below.

Karl Kerschl has been creating his award-winning webcomic The Abominable Charles Christopher on and off for more than a decade now, and this past week the lovable woodland creatures that inhabit his website were joined by a new visitor — Tanager, a new science fiction webcomic from Kerschl.

The description is fairly simple: A young woman with a strange gift travels the galaxy to help lost souls find their way home, but the execution is everything. In this first installment, she’s helping out an old man searching for something he lost on an alien-infested mining asteroid.

You can read it for free on the web, or you can purchase it for download to your device of choice.

Ron Cacace and Vincent Lovallo have been creating Bite-Sized Archie webcomics for a while now — they’re up to episode #24 — and it doesn’t look like the fun is going to stop any time soon. The strips are cute, funny and somewhat metatextual at times. You can check them out on the Archie Comics Twitter feed or on their website.

We don’t hear a lot from SLG Publishing these days, but the company is still around, and in fact earlier this month added a webcomic on their site: Mr. Butterchips by Alex Schumacher. The comic used to appear in the online literary magazine Drunk Monkeys, but recently moved to SLG’s site. If you enjoy it, SLG also has a collection of those older strips available for sale.

Known best these days for her wicked-smart political cartoons, Pia Guerra also has a non-political (but still socially relevant) comic strip she does with Ian Boothby called Mannequin on the Moon. It can be found on the Go Comics site.

Finally, let’s end with a little bit of existential horror by PJ Holden, who posted this one to Twitter earlier this month. If you’re having a bad day, just remember — it can always be a lot worse.

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