A truck driver faces his criminal past in ‘Fog Line’

Mario Candelaria and Andy Michaels are seeking to crowdfund a new 36-page crime comic.

Mario Candelaria and Andy Michaels tell the story of a former truck driver forced to face his criminal past thanks to a true-crime podcast in Fog Line, a new comic that’s currently up on Kickstarter.

Letterer Matt Krotzer and editor HernĂ¡n Guarderas round out the creative team.

“What were once intrusive thoughts during quiet moments has now become active panic as Henry spirals while absorbing as much information on this case as possible to see if his day of reckoning has finally come,” The Kickstarter page reads.

Here’s the description:

FOG LINE is a thirty six page comic about guilt, shame, and paranoia as Henry, a retired truck driver, begins to crack when his darkest secret – a hit and run fatality he buried in the woods forty years prior – is thrust back into life when he discovers a true crime podcast series about the mysterious disappearance of his victim.

To best capture the dramatic feel of the story, FOG LINE is presented in a landscape format, with the black and white art adding a cinematic element to Andy’s beautifully rendered illustrations.

For $10, you can get the digital edition, or for $18 you can buy a print copy. Other tiers offer signature editions, original art and the chance to appear in the comic. The campaign ends July 9.

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