Joe Hill’s Hill House imprint returns in October with ‘Refrigerator Full Of Heads’

Novelist Rio Youers and artist Tom Fowler continue the story started in ‘Basketful of Heads.’

DC will return to Brody Island, the setting of 2019’s Basketful of Heads, for a new horror series that at least triples its capacity for head-holding: Refrigerator Full Of Heads.

Novelist Rio Youers and artist Tom Fowler will team for the sequel to Joe Hill and Leomacs’ previous series. The new series, which will be released under the Hill House imprint, will feature new characters, including a vacationing couple who stumble into Brody Island’s more “unsavory” elements.

But don’t worry — the mystical axe from the first series is back: At the bottom of the bay, the mysterious axe that unleashed violent pandemonium during the hurricane of ’83 has been waiting… but nothing that powerful stays buried.

“Joe Hill set the bar incredibly high with Basketful of Heads, and we’re building on that, expanding on it,” said Youers, who also wrote the Sleeping Beauties series for IDW, based on the novel by Stephen King and Owen King. “The axe is back, bringing all the horror, humor and mayhem–so much mayhem–with it. We’ve got a few more surprises lined up, too, some crazy, off-the-wall happenings. Honestly, I cannot wait to get this comic into readers’ hands.”

“I love horror and I’ve been skirting around the edges of it in my work for a number of years now,” Fowler said. “Usually in the spaces where it bleeds into comedy and fantasy. It’s been a blast just letting it in and seeing where it takes me.” He added, “I mean, in what other book will I ever get to write into the margins of the layouts, ‘bits of face and skull peel and unfold Midsommar-style.’? Let alone one about refrigerator maintenance?”

The first issue of the six-issue miniseries arrives Oct. 19. DC billed it as “the first in a new wave” of Hill House titles, so hopefully we’ll see some more announcements coming soon.

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