Williamson + Molina to pit Batman against the new villain Abyss in December

Williamson takes over the flagship Batman title following the departure of James Tynion IV.

Following the departure of James Tynion IV from Batman, Joshua Williamson has announced on Twitter that he’ll write the title beginning with issue #118, with Jorge Molina on art.

“As Batman leaves Gotham, I’m starting a new storyline called ‘Abyss’ drawn by the awesome Jorge Molina,” he said. “We’re honoring the plan that the other books in the bat-line are doing while telling a brand-new story for Bruce Wayne as Batman in the DCU.”

“Abyss” is the name not only of the storyline, but also a new villain who will debut in issue #118. They will appear on the cover for issue #119:

“The bat is out of the bag!!!” Molina posted to Twitter. “I’ve been waiting to do Batman all my career and now it’s the time.”

Williamson’s footprint at DC continues to grow, as his current work includes Robin, Infinite Frontier, Future State: Gotham, and the upcoming Deathstroke Inc. and Justice League Incarnate.

“More Batman news & info to come as we get closer to the end of Fear State and #118 in December,” Williamson added. “AND I have other BIG announcements coming soon that aren’t ready YET… The end of 2021 and 2022 are going to be a very busy and wild ride.”

Batman #118 arrives in December.

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