Campbell will bring back ‘Shadoweyes’ on Substack

‘Shadoweyes for Good’ will find new life on Sophie Campbell’s just-launched email newsletter.

Sophie Campell, known for her work on Wet Moon, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and more, has announced she’s joined the Substack Revolution and will share her next Shadoweyes project, Shadoweyes for Good, through her new email newsletter.

“BIG NEWS: I’m doing my next book, Shadoweyes For Good, on Substack!!!” she posted to Twitter. “Yes I am aware of the discourse but they’re paying me a ton of money and I could really use it (for expensive kaiju figures).”

Shadoweyes was originally published by SLG Publishing back in 2010, and a sequel followed the next year. Iron Circus Comics brought it back into print in 2016 in a “remastered and recolored” edition. It’s the story of an aspiring vigilante who is mysteriously transformed into a superhuman creature, Shadoweyes, which helps her fight crime — but over time she finds it difficult to change back to her human form.

Campbell said she’s continued to work on new material, but it’s been slow-going in between assignments like TMNT and Jem & the Holograms.

“BUT NOW Substack is paying me a ton of money and it’s the perfect opportunity to work on this book full-time until it’s finally done, and I’ll be posting it all here as I go along, plus sketches and other behind-the-scenes stuff,” she said in her first newsletter. “Shadoweyes is my baby and I’m super excited to finally get back to work on this!!!”

The discourse Campbell is referring to in her initial tweet is around Substack hosting multiple newsletters for contributors who are, as author Jude Ellison S. Doyle put it, “seemingly united in their contempt for ‘identity politics,’ ‘wokeness,’ and ‘cancel culture,’ terms which often translate as ‘trans people talking back to cis people.”

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