AfterShock plans to ruin your childhood with ‘Tales of Mother F. Goose’

The one-shot by Frank Tieri and Joe Eisma mashes up fairy tales with a mobster murder mystery.

Writer Frank Tieri, artist Joe Eisma, colorist Matt Herms and letterer Carlos M. Mangual are teaming up to put a new spin on some really old classics.

Tales of Mother F. Goose, a prestige format one-shot, will continue the fairy-tales-meet-gangster-movie world set up in AfterShock’s Shock anthology and the upcoming AfterDark Halloween special.

“Basically both these projects expand on the world we set up in ‘Little Red Hood’ — and they do it through the mob boss who is essentially the glue that holds all this shit together, Don Francesco Orca, our Mother F. Goose. (Orca means Goose in Italian. And yeah, his name is Francesco. What did ya think the F stood for? ;))” Tieri said.

It’s a world where the Three Little Pigs own a casino, Little Miss Muffet is a cop and The Three Blind Mice are assassins.

“Orca was introduced in ‘Little Red Hood’ where we saw he was the major player in this world and has his fingers in everything. This plays into Tales of Mother F. Goose where there’s a murder– local pimp Georgie Porgie– who was apparently going to drop a dime on Orca. Detective Jack Horner and his partner, a certain Miss Muffet, have nabbed a number of suspects and through their interrogation we get our MFG versions of the tales of Puss-in-Boots, The Three Little Pigs, and Three Blind Mice. It’s actually a bit of a murder mystery as we find all these suspects have ties to Orca and it’s a question of who actually has the deepest ties of all and did the deed,” Tieri said.

“Along Came a Spider,” which will appear in next month’s AfterDark, introduces Little Miss Muffet and serves as a prelude to the one-shot, which comes out in December. Check out the Amanda Conner/Paul Mounts variant cover, as well as some preview pages, below:

One thought on “AfterShock plans to ruin your childhood with ‘Tales of Mother F. Goose’”

  1. I can’t wait to purchase and read this comic book. The more pages the better. I read numerous articles about it and everyone of my friends who read and collect comics are looking forward to this one. It is going to be a blast.

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