Lemire + Nguyen unleash ‘Little Monsters’ in March

The creators of ‘Descender’ re-team for a story about vampire children at the end of the world.

Jeff Lemire and Dustin Nguyen blasted off for new worlds in the pages of Descender and Ascender, but now they’re returning to this world for a new post-apocalyptic ongoing about vampires at the end of the world.

Little Monsters will debut from Image Comics next March.

Little Monsters is a real departure from the space-opera and sci-fi of Descender,” Lemire said in his Substack newsletter. ” Much more grounded and character-driven, this new series will follow a group of child vampires who have outlived humanity and now live in the decaying husk of Los Angeles, lost in an endless wonderland of innocent childhood games and dramas. But their paradise is soon shattered, and their innocence put to the test, when unforeseen events force them to reconcile with their pasts, and with each other.”

Here’s the description from Image: In Little Monsters readers follow the last children on Earth…who also happen to be vampires. For longer than they can remember, these child vampires have lived a life of eternal wonder amongst the ruins of humanity. But shocking events fracture the group and set them on a path of discovery that will shatter their innocence forever.

“I have described the book as ‘Lord Of The Flies meets child vampires‘ and, while that is an oversimplification, it’s probably as a good a quick pitch as I can come up with,” Lemire added in his newsletter. “I wouldn’t describe the book as a horror story. There are certainly horror elements present, but this is really a blend of horror, fantasy, science fiction that creates a character study of these kids and what it would mean to be locked in eternal childhood.”

Lemire also mentioned Nguyen was using a new art style in the book, which you can see in these preview pages:

The first issue of the ongoing series arrives March 2.

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