Fund Me Friday | ‘X-Maschina : The Futuristic Holiday Horror Comedy Comic’

Help bring a story about Santa fighting killer robots to life.

Ho ho ho, and Merry Christmas Eve! With Santa’s big day just one day away, there’s no better time to support X-Maschina : The Futuristic Holiday Horror Comedy Comic and help bring it to life on Kickstarter.

Steve Urena, Misty Graves and Lane Lloyd are telling that classic holiday story about Santa’s battle with a bunch of angry, homicidal robots in this science fiction/horror/comedy comic.

“Teaming up with Lane Lloyd and Misty Graves has made this Grinch love Christmas,” Urena said. “Together we combined our favorite things: horror, humor, science fiction and Christmas to create the perfect holiday concoction that we hope turns into a Holiday tradition.”

Here’s a look at some of Lloyd’s interior artwork:

“Our Santa story is about what it takes to shine a light into the dark caverns of one’s soul, find that spark of Christmas joy, and ignite it to illuminate the world. It is a 20-page journey of rebirth, redemption, and gift packaging human remains. It asks the question: ‘Have I been a good shopper this year?’ Creating this comic has kept me laughing all the way. I am very proud of what Steve, Lane and I have made together,” Graves said.

As far as rewards go, you can get a digital copy of the 20-page comic for $3, while a print copy will cost you $6. Other tiers offer T-shirts, posters and the chance to “get killed” in the sequel.

More information is available on their Kickstarter page. And while Christmas is just one day away, the campaign actually runs through Jan. 30.

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