Jeff Lemire announces ‘The Last Days of Black Hammer’ graphic novel

The writer teams with artist Stefano Simeone for the 100-page story.

As a part of Comics Day on Substack, Jeff Lemire has announced and launched The Last Days of Black Hammer, a new graphic novel with artist Stefano Simeone.

Lemire was one of the first wave of creators last year who began offering a paid tier for his Substack newsletter, Tales from the Farm, with plans to post new comics content for premium subscribers. Those plans included new Black Hammer stories and a graphic novel written and drawn by Lemire called Fishflies (the second chapter of which Lemire recently began posting).

Unlike Fishflies, Lemire says that The Last Days of Black Hammer will be available for free for all subscribers, not just the paid ones.

“This is the great untold story of the Black Hammer Universe and in many ways, it acts as a sort of prequel to the entire line of Black Hammer books, Lemire wrote. “But it’s not just a ‘flashback’ about Joe Weber, this story will reveal all kinds of new layers to the main BH cast like Golden Gail, Barbalien, and Abraham Slam who play big roles in the book.”

Lemire said he plans to post 4-5 pages every week, which will be followed by a digital download when he completes a chapter.

“I’m really excited to finally share this story. I actually wrote this book two years ago but have been waiting for the right time in my schedule to release it,” Lemire said. “This Substack, and meeting Stefano, lined up perfectly as an opportunity to try something a bit different with it. The book will be lettered by the amazing Nate Piekos and illustrated and colored by Stefano.”

For those new to the Black Hammer universe, Lemire says the graphic novel will serve as a great introduction to the characters and concepts of the long-running Dark Horse series-of-miniseries.

You can read the first chapter of the new graphic novel here.

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