Taboo + B. Earl + Ferreyra team for ‘Deadly Neighborhood Spider-Man’

Marvel announces a new Spider-Man series that features the return of the New Mutants’ Demon Bear.

During a virtual event earlier this week celebrating Spider-Man’s 60th anniversary, Marvel announced Deadly Neighborhood Spider-Man, a new miniseries by writers Taboo and B. Earl, and artist Juan Ferreyra.

According to Marvel Editor-in-Chief C.B. Cebulski, the story will feature the return of the Demon Bear, the malevolent entity first introduced by Chris Claremont and Bill Sienkiewicz during their stellar run on New Mutants.

“Being the first Indigenous writer to co-write this new Spider-Man comic with my brother B. Earl is a huge step in opening more doors for underrepresented talent to shape universally known comic characters,” Taboo told SYFY WIRE. “As a lifelong fan of everything Spider-Man, this is a childhood dream come true.”

cover by Rahzzah

Taboo, a member of the musical group The Black-Eyed Peas, and Earl both worked on the recent Werewolf by Night title from Marvel. A veteran comics artist, Ferreyra has worked on everything from The Flash to Peacekeeper to the Punisher to Green Arrow.

According to Marvel, “the five-issue limited series will plunge Peter Parker into the underworld of Los Angeles, where he’ll find that the City of Angels isn’t looking very angelic. Demons are stalking the streets, and the darkness he finds on the West Coast is set to test Peter in ways he’s never encountered before.”

“This one is extremely special to me,” said Cebulski. “I love the creative team of Deadly Neighborhood Spider-Man. It’s also going to star the Demon Bear from New Mutants continuity. As great a combo as peanut butter and chocolate!”

Here’s a look at Peach Momoko’s variant cover for the first issue:

The first issue is scheduled to arrive in June.

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