DC’s battle of the comic pitches returns for another round

DC brings back the controversial Round Robin tournament for its second year.

DC has brought back their Round Robin tournament, where they ask fans to vote on which one of 16 pitches will be made into a miniseries. Last year’s winner, Robins by Tim Seeley and Baldemar Rivas, brought together all the heroes who had worn the “Robin” moniker for a miniseries.

Like last year, DC only revealed the title, a brief pitch and the logo for each pitch in this first round. It wasn’t until round two that we found out who the actual creative teams would be for each of them.

Here’s a look at the bracket:

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Peach Momoko’s ‘Demon Wars’ re-imagines Marvel’s ‘Civil War’

The sequel miniseries to ‘Demon Days’ will run for four issues.

Peach Momoko’s Demon Wars, the sequel to her five-part Demon Days saga, will debut in July.

Demon Days re-imagined the Marvel universe through the lens of traditional Japanese folklore, as it followed Mariko Yashida through an unfamiliar landscape filled with familiar characters. Demon Wars will continue Yashida’s journey, as she finds herself in the middle of a war reminiscent of Marvel’s 2006 event series Civil War.

“I am very happy to expand the series and get to show more of the love that I have for Japanese folklore and the way it inspires me with new stories told through my Momoko-verse lens,” Momoko said. “I am also very excited to redesign even more characters because I love character designing!”

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All hail the ‘Birdking’

Daniel Freeman and CROM re-team for a new fantasy graphic novel featuring ‘fire, magic, undead champions, necromancers, skulls and fat swords.’

Raiders creators Daniel Freedman and CROM will soar again at Dark Horse this fall with Birdking, a new graphic novel about a teenage girl and the “mysterious guardian spirit known only as the ‘BirdKing.'”

“When CROM came to me after Raiders with the Birdking, the entire epic unfolded in such an organic way I did not believe it,” Freeman said. “Our collaboration has never been stronger, and while we have thoroughly enjoyed our time exploring this vast and distinct fantasy world, we cannot wait for readers to gain access and bask in the glory that is Birdking.”

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