Landy + Land land on Marvel’s ‘All-Out Avengers’

The new series will ‘launch readers directly into the thrilling missions of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes.’

As teased last week, Marvel officially announced All-Out Avengers this past weekend during Fan Expo Philadelphia. The new series will feature stories that jump directly into the action –“From page one, panel one, the Avengers will be knee-deep in the action with no setup, no explanations and no time for questions,” according to Marvel.

Derek Landy, who worked on the recent Captain America and Iron Man series, will team with artist Greg Land for the new title, which will feature Iron Man, Captain America, Spider-Man, Spider-Woman and more.

“When Tom Brevoort approached me with this concept, I thought it was an inspired idea, a slice of creative genius, and also totally unworkable…! But the chance to launch a new Avengers title, and the chance to write any character who’d ever BEEN an Avenger, was impossible for this particular Marvel fanboy to resist,” Landy told “Add in the fact that Tom wanted to get Greg Land on art and my fate was pretty much sealed.”

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Smash Pages Q&A | Emma Hunsinger + Tillie Walden

The creators of ‘My Parents Won’t Stop Talking!’ discuss the new picture book, their creative process, the differences between making comics and children’s books, and more.

Separately Emma Hunsinger and Tillie Walden have crafted impressive bodies of work. Tillie Walden is the Eisner Award winning cartoonist of Spinning, On a Sunbeam, Are You Listening? and other books. Emma Hunsinger is known for She Would Feel the Same, which was published by Shortbox, and How To Draw a Horse, which was published in The New Yorker and nominated for an Eisner Award, a National Magazine Award and a National Cartoonist Society Divisional Award.

The two have collaborated on a new picture book, My Parents Won’t Stop Talking! which is hilarious and visually exciting. The main character Molly just wants to go to the park, and what follows is deeply relatable but also beautifully bizarre and inventive in all the best ways.

I spoke with both Hunsinger and Walden about the new book, the differences between creating children’s books and comics, their inspirations and boring “adult chit chat.”

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