Dark Horse will release out-of-print + new material from Richard Corben

The publisher announces a partnership with Fantagor Press to publish old material and as-yet-unpublished comics by the legendary creator.

Iconic comics creator Richard Corben passed away in 2020, leaving behind a body of work that spanned multiple decades and publishers. The Eisner Hall of Famer and Grand Prix winner at Angoulême may be gone, but Dark Horse has entered into a partnership with Fantagor Press to ensure his legacy will endure.

Starting next year, Dark Horse will kick off an exclusive line that will reprint Corben’s long-out-of-print work with new material in deluxe hardcover editions.

“I’m so pleased and proud to share Corben art and stories with the world,” said his wife, Dona Corben. “It means so much to me to make his early works available in print again; and, I’m excited to share his new story that he poured all of his imagination and artistic vision into. I’m incredibly proud of him as an artist and a person, and touched that his work means so much to so many.”

They’ll start by collecting Murky World, which will present the complete story of Tugat the warrior for the first time in one volume. This special edition will include an introduction by Mike Mignola, Corben’s Dark Horse Presents one-shot and never-before-seen bonus material. It comes out in April.

Then in July of next year, Dark Horse will release Den: Neverwhere, which collects the story of muscular adventurer Den, with artwork restored by José Villarrubia, Corben’s long-time collaborator.

“Growing up Richard Corben was my idol and years later I was fortunate to be his collaborator and eventually to consider him a friend,” Villarrubia said. “He was the most innovative comics creator of the 20th century, distinguished by his virtuosity in using mixed media. His color was without paragon and continues to surprise me. Studying his work has been and is a lifelong passion.”

Future editions, which will include never-before-published graphic novels by Corben as well, will be announced at a later date.

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