‘Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur’ series will debut in December

The long-awaited new series will be written by Jordan Ifueko with art by Alba Glez.

Last fall Marvel announced a batch of “eight tentpole projects” for 2022, including the Daredevil-centric crossover Devil’s Reign, She-Hulk, Avengers Forever and a pair of Wolverine miniseries, among others. While most of those projects are either in flight or have already landed, one of them, a Moon Girl series, never came to pass — until now.

Originally teased for February of this year, Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur #1 will finally arrive in December. And the “top secret” creative team that was teased will be novelist Jordan Ifueko and artist Alba Glez.

And it’s good timing, too, as The Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur animated series is set to debut on Disney+ next year.

Ifueko is a YA novelist known for the Raybearer series, while Glez’s work has appeared in some of Marvel’s anthologies. She’s also the creator of All The Songs I Want to Forget on Tapas and Todas las Canciones que QUIERO OLVIDAR on Webtoon. They follow the recent series of team-ups between Moon Girl and various Marvel heroes, like Miles Morales, that Mohale Mashigo wrote.

Moon Girl and Devil Dinsoaur #1 will arrive in December.

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