Moon Girl hangs with Miles Morales, the Avengers + more this summer

Novelist Mohale Mashigo teams with different artists to chronicle Moon Girl’s search for a missing Devil Dinosaur.

Hey, remember last fall when Marvel announced a batch of “eight tentpole projects” for 2022? They included Devil’s Reign, the new She-Hulk miniseries, a pair of Wolverine miniseries — and Moon Girl, whose creative team was “top secret” at the time.

While the other seven have all come to fruition, Moon Girl, which was supposed to kick off in February, didn’t. Until now. Marvel has announced a pair of one-shots teaming up Moon Girl with Miles Morales and the Avengers, with more on the way. In them, she takes a “thrilling journey across the Marvel Universe” as she searches for a missing Devil Dinosaur. They’re written by novelist Mohale Mashigo (The Yearning), and each are drawn by a different artist. They also say an ongoing Moon Girl title is on the way.

“Writing Moon Girl is a dream come true,” Mashigo said. “Lunella is fun, quirky, smart and full of energy. I’ve enjoyed seeing her get out of her comfort zone and shine even brighter.”

In June comes Miles Morales and Moon Girl, which will be drawn by Ig Guara. Her’s the cover by Alitha Martinez and the variant by Peach Momoko:

Then in July we’ll see Avengers and Moon Girl, which will feature art by Diogenes Neves. Martinez draws the cover for this one as well, while Jahnoy Lindsay provides the variant:

Look for the first one featuring Miles Morales on June 1, and the second one with the Avengers on July 13. At some point she’ll also meet up with the X-Men — so maybe Devil Dinosaur’s on Krakoa, getting suited up for the Hellfire Gala. Or not.

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