DC reverses course on Jorge Molina’s Hispanic Heritage Month cover

The variant cover for ‘Titans United: Bloodpact #1’ will feature a tribute to Mexican artist and muralist Jorge Gonzales Camerena, as Molina originally intended.

Artist Jorge Molina posted on Twitter today that his original variant cover for Titans United: Bloodpact #1 will in fact be used on the comic, rather than the version that popped up on Diamond’s website.

Molina’s original cover features Green Lantern Kyle Rayner paying tribute to Mexican artist Jorge Gonzales Camerena by recreating Camerena’s “La Patria,” a famous piece used on numerous textbooks in Mexico since the 1960s.

Molina shared the final version of the cover as well:

“Good news everyone !! I’m Excited to share the official DC Hispanic Heritage Month cover for Titans United: Bloodpact #1. The homage to La Patria is what is going out on the comic. Sorry for the confusion—the edited version I drew was an alternative option, not final,” he posted to Twitter.

Molina had originally cited “legal reasons” for the change in the cover. The new version showed Kyle Rayner holding a bag of tamales, and any references to “La Patria” had been removed. The alternate version was met with harsh criticism on Twitter and in other places, like Screen Rant, which called all of DC’s Hispanic Heritage Month covers “a reductive disappointment.”

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