DC signs a distribution deal with Universal Distribution

The agreement kicks into gear in January.

Canada-based Universal Distribution will begin directly distributing DC’s comics and graphic novels to comic retailers in January 2023. Retailers can begin placing orders through them in October.

“The DC and Universal Distribution partnership is an exciting opportunity to reach new audiences with DC’s iconic Super Heroes and Super-Villains,” said Nancy Spears, DC’s Vice President of Sales & Marketing. “Our new partnership with Universal is in line with DC’s overall strategic vision to strengthen the Direct Market and grow the number of fans who read comics worldwide.”

While Universal is based in Canada and already serves that market for comics and other collectibles, this new deal is a global agreement, according to ICv2. Universal will distribute DC product to retailers in Canada, the U.S. and other territories.

“This agreement enables us to provide retailers with the tools they need to grow their DC business,” said Angelo Exarhakos, CEO of Universal Distribution, in the press release. “Our primary focus has always been to work closely with our key partners to help retailers provide a great experience for their customers. We are huge fans of DC and are extremely excited with this new relationship between our companies.”

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Archie + Sam Hill team up to take down a hacker in ‘Archie Jumbo Comics Digest #333’ [Exclusive Preview]

Check out an exclusive preview of a new story coming in next week’s digest from Archie Comics.

Courtesy of Archie Comics, we’re pleased to present a preview of Archie Jumbo Comics Digest #333, which comes out Sept. 7.

This digest will include two brand-new stories, in addition to a selection of classic Archie material. Our preview today includes pages from “Case of the High Grade Hacker!” by Ian Flynn and Ryan Jampole, who you might know from their work on Sonic the Hedgehog and Mega Man. This one has Archie teaming up with Sam Hill, the private investigator who was first introduced back in the 1950s, as they take on a hacker who is plaguing Riverdale.

We also have a full-length classic Archie story for you, featuring the work of Bob White, the creator of Cosmo the Merry Martian. The story features Archie having all sorts of money troubles.

Check out the preview and solicitation information below.

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Jillian Tamaki + Mariko Tamaki’s 2023 graphic novel gets a name + cover

‘Roaming!” will arrive in the fall of 2023.

Drawn + Quarterly announced a new graphic novel by Jillian Tamaki and Mariko Tamaki project for 2023, and this week they revealed both the title and the cover.

Roaming!, which is about two best friends going to college in New York, will arrive in stores in fall 2023. Here’s the cover:

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