Slugfest | Harley Quinn, San Starros and more from NYCC

Check out a round-up of recent announcements about ‘Batman,’ Jonathan Hickman, ‘West of Sundown’ and more.

Slugfest is a roundup of cool announcements about projects coming to a shelf near you from comics creators, publishers and more. Some of these are from this weekend’s New York Comic Con, while some are from before. Hit the links for more information.

DC held a panel focused on the Batman titles yesterday during New York Comic Con, revealing some new artwork and one new project — Multiversity: Harley Screws Up the DCU. It’s by Frank Tieri and Logan Faerber, both of whom have worked on the character before.

The six-issue limited series is scheduled to launch March 2023.

Also discussed at the panel is the fact that Jorge Jiménez will be taking a break from Batman early next year, and artist Mike Hawthorne will step in to work with Chip Zdarsky on issues #131-134. Here’s a look at Hawthorne’s take on Batman:

And DC also unveiled Jim Lee’s variant cover for the first issue of the upcoming The Riddler: Year One, by Paul Dano and Stevan Subic. The Black Label miniseries kicks off later this month, on Oct. 25.

Sana Starros miniseries coming next year

During the “Star Wars: Stories from a Galaxy Far, Far Away” panel at the New York Comic Con this past weekend, Lucasfilm Publishing revealed several new projects — including a new Marvel miniseries starring Sana Starros, the popular character introduced in Marvel’s Star Wars comics in 2015.

Justina Ireland will write the miniseries, while Pere Perez will draw it. Sara Pichelli drew the first issue’s cover:

And Ken Lashley provides the variant cover, which you can see below, along with some interior pages:

The first issue arrives in February.

Marvel teases something new from Jonathan Hickman and Valerio Schiti

Although they didn’t reveal the title, release date or much of anything about the new project coming next year from Jonathan Hickman and Valerio Schiti, Marvel revealed a whole bunch of teaser art for the mysterious project. Is that a multiversal council of Doctor Stranges — or is he just stylin’ several new outfits? I guess we’ll find out next year.

Dark Horse brings ‘Us’ to the United States

Dark Horse has announced plans to bring Us, the Spanish language graphic novel by Sara Soler, to the U.S. next year.

Us is written, drawn and colored by Soler, with translations being done by Silvia Perea Labayen and letters by Joamette Gil.

Here’s the description from Dark Horse: Us is Sara and Diana’s love story, as well as the story of Diana’s gender transition. Full of humor, heartache, and the everyday triumphs and struggles of identity, this graphic memoir speaks to changing conceptions of the world as well as of the self, at the same time revealing that some things don’t really have to change.

Us arrives in comic shops and bookstores next summer.

‘West of Sundown’ expands into an ongoing series

Vault Comics has announced that West of Sundown, the horror/western miniseries by Tim Seeley, Aaron Campbell, Jim Terry and more, has been expanded into an ongoing series.

West of Sundown is about the great mythologies of the old world slamming into the folklore of the new world…the legends of Europe, and the birth of the American beast,” said Seeley. “And, taking that theme as a skeleton, we’ve draped it with the sewed together skin of Sergio Leone Westerns and Hammer Horror films. Gritty sunsets meets foggy nights. The gothic graveyard meets Boot Hill. What horrors lie in our shared unconsciousness, and how do we stuff them all into a too-tight corset?”

The second arc kicks off with issue #6, on sale Nov. 16.

Groo is back in December

Groo, the goofball barbarian from creators Sergio Aragonés and Mark Evanier, will return in December in a new four-issue miniseries, Groo: Gods Against Groo.

‘Grim’ expands into an ongoing series

If you’ve been enjoying the BOOM! series Grim by Stephanie Phillips and Flaviano, you aren’t alone — it’s been popular enough that the publisher has announced the miniseries is now an ongoing title. Issue #6 will kick off a new arc, “Devils & Dust,” in December. Check out the covers by Flaviano, Justine Florentino and Toni Infante above.

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