AMC Networks Publishing will release comics next year by DeConnick, Sienkiewicz + more

Brenden Fletcher, Tula Lotay, Metallica’s Kirk Hammett and more will help launch AMC’s new comics line.

Earlier this year AMC, who you probably know as the TV empire behind The Walking Dead shows, Better Call Saul and the excellent Tony Hillerman adaptation Dark Winds, among others, announced a new publishing arm called AMC Networks Publishing. They started out by publishing art books featuring The Walking Dead and Creepshow, but they also plan to publish original graphic novels and comics as well.

And their first three comics will feature some pretty heavy hitters, creator-wise. Oubliette will be written by Brenden Fletcher with art by Tula Lotay, while Nights of Lono comes from Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett and Marcel Feldmar, with artwork by Christine Norrie. Finally, announced today, writer Kelly Sue DeConnick and artist Bill Sienkiewicz will team up on Parisian White.

All three titles will debut in San Diego at Comic-Con International next year, followed by series launches later in the year.

Here’s more info on each series:

Hammett and Feldmar’s Nights of Lono tells the story of a troubled female detective in 1989 Hawaii who is hired to find King Kamehameha’s tomb before it is discovered by an unscrupulous occultist from the mainland.  A mix of mystery and supernatural adventure, the story is a self-aware journey through standard detective tropes and cliches that are sharpened and given new life with fresh takes on the myths and folklore of the Hawaiian Islands. Christine Norrie (Seven Things I’ve Learned ) will draw the project.

Brenden Fletcher’s folk horror mystery series, Oubliette, takes place in a small town where people live by a simple rule: “If you were born of the earth around the lake, then around the lake you shall stay until you return to the earth.” The story explores the struggle of a woman who escaped the impossible gravity of her birthplace only to be drawn home to bury her father. She finds herself once again trapped in a cycle of pain and regret as she digs into the mystery of the sinkhole that drained the lake and took her father’s life. There’s something dark and wicked down there, in that hole in the lake. Something that’s been waiting a long, long time to come to the surface. Fletcher will work with artist Tula Lotay (Supreme: Blue Rose, Bodies).

Set to debut in late 2023, Parisian White takes place in the Jazz Age in Paris but not exactly the world we know. A rhyming future, where art is life, and life is expressed in the language of color. Carmine, a particularly deep red, is produced from the bodies of a South American parasite. French Green is so full of arsenic that it functions as a rat poison.  Parisian White threatens death to anyone so foolish as to open a tube. Pigments are words and weapons — precious, expensive, fiercely guarded and fought for. When combined with the right talent, pigments can capture, transform, or destroy your world.

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