Cates + Ottley’s Hulk run ends earlier than expected

‘Hulk’ #14 will wrap up the jade giant’s current run in April.

Donny Cates and Ryan Ottley’s run on Hulk is coming to an end early, as April’s issue #14 will wrap up the story they started back in 2021. Cates, actually, has already left the title, leaving Ottley to wrap things up as both writer and artist.

According to Popverse, Hulk #14 was supposed to be the end of the current “Planet Hulk” arc of the Hulk book, with more issues planned from Cates without Ottley. But Cates left both Hulk and Thor, taking to Twitter to explain that he needed to “deal with a bunch of life.”

Ottley ended up the writer of the last four issues of the series, which will feature the Hulk’s Titan personality — “the deadliest Hulk in Marvel Comics history.”

“It’s been so much fun to finally tackle working on the Hulk. And being able to write the last four issues of this arc and bring some story elements to fruition was such a challenge but I’ve enjoyed it the whole way,” Ottley told “Drawing comics is what I’m used to; writing is a whole different animal, but doing both jobs was great and makes me want to do it more often! Feels sad to wrap up the arc and move on, but it’s definitely one of my favorite comic experiences. Hulk will always be one of my favorite Marvel heroes. And now with Titan added to the rogues gallery, hopefully we’ll see him again someday in all his fury and glory!”

Here’s the description of the final issue, which comes out April 26:

Titan is now in control, and his endless rage may destroy Hulk Planet. Within the remaining fragments of the Mind Palace, Bruce Banner must reckon with the harm he has inflicted on the Hulk if either of them are to have any chance of regaining control and saving the planet.  But Bruce knows better than anyone that once a part of the Hulk has unlocked itself, there’s no closing that door ever again… 

After finishing Hulk, Ottley, who had a long run on Amazing Spider-Man before taking on the jade giant, plans to return to creator-owned comics with a new series at Image:

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