Oni Press will publish Bunn + Susini’s ‘Lamentation’ beginning in May

The gothic horror story involves a disturbing play that begins to bleed into our reality.

Horror master Cullen Bunn will once again work with Oni Press on a new horror title — Lamentation, a “horror/gothic/giallo” story featuring artwork by Arjuna Sushini.

According to Bunn in his newsletter, “Lamentation reveals the story of the cast and crew of a theatrical production of ‘Razide’s Lament.’ This strange play seems to be bleeding into our reality… and no one can leave the theater until it has been performed for a group of mysterious critics. Madness and murder ensue.”

cover by Maan House

And in the press release, Bunn revealed even more about this reality-bleeding story:

“One of the great things about horror is that there are so many different flavors. Cosmic horror. Body horror. Horror comedy. Slashers. Action-horror. With Lamentation, I get to play in the realms of surreal terror and gothic mystery. Here we have a story that takes place not just in one world, not just in two, but in many. The hapless actors in Razide’s Lament find themselves cast from one nightmare to another, some trying desperately to find their way out, some hoping to understand the situation in which they’re trapped, and some simply surrendering their own sanity to the whims of this supernatural play and metaphysical theater. I’m excited for readers to experience this story because it’s going to surprise them, haunt them, and leave them thinking about it long after the final curtain falls. In a lot of ways, I feel like I didn’t just write about Razide here. It feels more like I’m unleashing him into the world.”

The three-issue miniseries will be 48 pages each, with the first issue due in stores on May 3.

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