Bendis + Oeming’s ‘United States of Murder, Inc.’ returns with a new title

‘Murder, Inc.: Jagger Rose’ will debut in May.

Dark Horse has announced the next project coming from Brian Michael Bendis’ imprint, Jinxworld — Murder, Inc.: Jagger Rose, a title that may sound familiar to longtime Bendis fans.

Bendis announced last year that the United States of Murder Inc., his series with Powers co-creator Michael Avon Oeming, would return, but with a shortened title. (United States of Murder, Inc. was a mouthful). Taki Soma and Carlos Mangual round out the art team.

Here’s how Dark Horse describes the series: From the creator of the long running, best selling, award winning Powers, discover a sexy dangerous world in which the five families of organized crime never lost their stranglehold on the United States. Now, half the country is a smorgasbord of sex and sin ruled by loyalty and “family values” and the rest of the world looks on in awe, rage, or jealousy. Join newly “made” Valentine Gallo and Jagger Rose as they rise through the ranks of the notorious Bonavese family. No spoilers, but Jagger has already proven herself one of the greatest assassins of all time. And, uh, now the Pope would like a word. Yeah, that Pope.

Look for the first issue of six on May 10.

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