Pureheart teams with the Crusaders in ‘Archie Jumbo Comics Digest’ #339

Check out an exclusive preview of two new stories coming in next week’s digest from Archie Comics.

Courtesy of Archie Comics, we’re pleased to present a preview of two new stories from Archie Jumbo Comics Digest #339, which comes out April 12.

Over the past few months we’ve previewed stories featuring Archie and the gang teaming up with various members of the Mighty Crusaders, but this preview has not just one Crusader member, but the entire team! Pureheart — Archie’s superhero identity — teams up with Victoria Shield, Inferno, She-Fox and more to face the wrath of the giant rock monster known as Bronto. This one is written by Ian Flynn, with artwork by Steven and Lily Butler, letters by Jack Morelli and coloring by Glenn Whitmore.

In the second story, Shinji — who you might know better as Ghost Fox — goes on a date with Kevin Keller, all while his mother, She-Fox, battles a prehistoric villain named Dino Rex. This one is also written by Flynn, with art by Holly G! and Bob Smith.

Check both previews out below, along with a complete Archie story drawn by Stan Goldberg.


TWO BRAND NEW STORIES! First, in “Chain of Command,” Pureheart the Powerful teams up with the Crusaders! But will their powers combined be a match for Bronto, a humanoid rock monster bent on destruction?

Next, in “Mother’s Little Helper,” the hero She-Fox arrives in Riverdale on an important mission: to drive her son Shinji to school! But when terror strikes in the form of a dinosaur supervillain, will She-Fox need some help to take down the t-rex tyrant?

Script: Ian Flynn
Art: Steven Butler, Lily Butler, Holly G, Bob Smith
Colors: Glenn Whitmore
Letters: Jack Morelli
Cover: Bill Golliher, Dan Parent
On Sale Date: 4/12
192-page, full color digest
$9.99 U.S.

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