Harley Quinn gets a second ‘Black, White and Red’ series this summer

‘Harley Quinn: Black, White & Redder’ will kick off in July.

The Joker’s favorite former sidekick will get a second three-color anthology miniseries this summer, as DC has announced Harley Quinn: Black, White and Redder.

Like the previous miniseries, which debuted in 2020 as a digital first series, this one will feature stories by several different creative teams, all told in black and white — and red. Some of the creators you can expect to find in the six-issue miniseries include:

cover by Bruno Redondo
  • Writer Chip Zdarsky teams up with artist Kevin Maguire “to send Harley and Poison Ivy deep into the heart of Superman’s Fortress of Solitude.” This is definitely an “OMG” creative team that makes this a “must buy” for me.
  • Writer Leah Williams and artist Natacha Bustos “spin a story from Harley’s past, as a high-flying gymnast with vengeance on her mind.”
  • Actor Paul Scheer (Black Monday, Veep, The League) joins co-writer/producer Nick Giovannetti (Impractical Jokers, Far Cry New Dawn, Marvel’s Cosmic Ghost Rider) and artist Tom Reilly on a story teaming Harley up with Gaggy Gagsworth, the original sidekick of The Joker (and not his favorite!)

Gagsworth first debuted in Batman #186 in 1966, in a story by Gardner Fox
and Sheldon Moldoff. He’s an interesting character:

He’s shown up since then in the pages of Gotham City Sirens, where he disguised himself as the Joker and targeted Harley.

Here’s a look at the first issue’s variant cover:

Issue #1 variant cover by Guillem March

It arrives in stores on July 18.

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