Image Comics will release a big helping of ‘Octopus Pie’

The publisher will collect Meredith Gran’s entire webcomic into a five-volume box set this fall.

Meredith Gran’s Octopus Pie ended in 2017 after a 10-year run, and now Image Comics will collect the entirety of the strip in Octopus Pie: The Complete Series Box Set.

“I’m so glad to finally present these books as a set,” said Gran. “Like the series itself, each printed volume—born from chaos—has now found beauty and cohesion.”

If you aren’t familiar with the strip, it’s about 20-something best friends Eve and Hanna, who navigate the ups and downs of city life — “soul-sucking jobs, heart-stopping romances and all the social trappings of Brooklyn’s indie sleaze era.”

“The boxes, along with all 5 Image volumes, feature new artwork and – perhaps most excitingly – a custom insert that aligns them together on the shelf,” Gran said on her website, noting that the first three books were printed at a different size than the final two. “Finally, my youthful page formatting decisions, corrected and… vindicated??” She also noted that people who already own all five volumes will be able to buy just the box itself online in the future.

Octopus Pie: The Complete Series Box Set arrives in stores Sept. 13.

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