Stegmen, Porter + Cannon present the body-swapping adventures of ‘The Schlub’

The new ongoing series will debut from Image Comics in August.

Writers Ryan Stegman and Kenny Porter will team up with artist Tyrell Cannon for the Freaky Friday-esque The Schlub, the story 0f a failing dentist who is body-swapped with the world’s greatest superhero.

They’re joined by colorist Mike Spicer and letterer/designer John J. Hill on the Image Comics series, which kicks off in August.

Stegman said the series is something he was thinking about even before his time on Venom.

“A few years back I pitched Image a comic that I would write and draw about a Michael Scott/Kenny Powers type character if they became a superhero that the entire world relied on. It was approved and I had started work on it when Marvel came along and asked me to do a little book called Venom,” said Stegman. “I couldn’t say no, but I couldn’t shake this idea of the superhero that just can’t do the right thing. So I asked my buddies Kenny, Tyrell and John to help me make this book a reality and here we are! The greatest superhero comic book on the planet.”

Here’s the description from Image Comics:

The Schlub follows failing dentist Roger Dalton who blames the world for his problems… up until he is body-swapped with the world’s greatest superhero. Can Roger save Earth and finally prove to his family he’s not a loser? Or are we all doomed?

“We created The Schlub for people like us—comic fans who love big, bombastic superhero action wrapped around a heartfelt story. This is all about feeling like the world is against you and growing as a person—and I think that’s something we can all relate to,” Porter said.

Here’s a look at the insides — or at least from the inside:

“Drawing The Schlub is an absolute blast,” said Cannon. “I basically get to channel my lifelong obsession with action movies and comics into every issue. Having that big ‘i’ on our comic is the fulfillment of a dream I’ve had since picking up my first Image comic as a kid. I couldn’t be more stoked!”

Here’s a look at the first issue’s variant cover by Stegman.

Look for the first issue on Aug. 23.

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