‘Martine Moon’ debuts on Panel Syndicate

Darko Macan and Goran Sudžuka’s new comic is about a ‘beautiful, bold and only slightly bitchy’ socialite who battles ‘aliens, gods, terrorists and scum from every corner of history.’

Darko Macan and Goran Sudžuka’s Martine Moon is now available on Panel Syndicate. Like everything else on the site, the first issue is available as a pay-what-you-want digital download.

The site’s co-founder, Marcos Martín, shared more about the new series in their newsletter:

Martine Moon is an action adventure story in the tradition of the newspaper strips of old and presented in a similar widescreen, black-and-white format. In the words of their own creators: 

“Beautiful, bold and only slightly bitchy, Martine Moon would like nothing better than to enjoy each new day, champagne and shrimp cocktails, but aliens, gods, terrorists and scum from every corner of history keep showing up and making her life impossible.” 

Panel Syndicate was founded in 2013 by Brian K. Vaughan, Marcos Martin and Muntsa Vicente to distribute their comic The Private Eye. Since then they’ve added comics by Albert Monteys, David López, Ken Niimura, Victor Santos, Alex de Campi and many others. Visit their website for more info, and check out some preview pages from Martine Moon below.

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