IDW Original ‘Golgotha Motor Mountain’ will bend minds next March

“… it’s probably the first Southern Gothic, action, sci-fi, drug-fueled body horror concoction ever made.”

IDW has announced a release date and a new artist for Golgotha Motor Mountain, which was one of nine titles they announced last year as part of the IDW Originals line.

Robbi Rodriguez will replace Ryan Lee, who was originally announced as the artist, with Marissa Louise providing colors. They will work with co-writers Matthew Erman and Lonnie Nadler, as well as letterer Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou. Finally, Nikola Čižmešija rounds out the team, who will draw “a backup short manga that is in-universe to the story.”

As for the comic itself, it sounds a bit bonkers.

“This book is genuinely unhinged, bizarre and unlike anything I’ve ever written before. In fact, it’s probably the first Southern Gothic, action, sci-fi, drug-fueled body horror concoction ever made,” Nadler said. “Something like Mad Max by way of Cormac McCarthy. Yet, at its heart, Golgotha is a story about two brothers at odds who have to find a way to trust one another in the face of absolute bedlam. As you can probably tell from my description alone, the whole team is trying hard to make sure this is like no other comic being released today, and that’s invigorating to be a part of.”

IDW describes it as “a mind-bending six issue limited series which follows two brothers, Elwood and Vernon, as their life is abruptly turned into trippy terror when an interstellar rock crashes through their meth lab. With one batch left to deliver before they can start a new life, the duo have the bright idea to mash the cosmic rock and pass it off as drugs, unknowingly turning all different kinds of terrible people – neo-nazis, corrupt cops, dangerous addicts – into terrifying mutants. Can the siblings survive the madness and escape Golgotha once and for all?”

Here’s a look at some of the interior pages for the first issue:

“Being part of this team reminds me of tales from cult classic horror films where a group of talented individuals come together to make something special, fun and end up covered in red dyed corn syrup,” Rodriguez said. “It is truly exceptional what this group has created. Even if I wasn’t part of this unbelievable project, I would still be first in line to pick it up. So I hope everyone cranks up their favorite heavy metal album and join us on this southern goth, cosmic horror splatter feast road trip.”

Look for the first issue to arrive in stores on March 6.

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