Derek Kirk Kim returns to comics for ‘The Last Mermaid’

The ongoing series launches at Image Comics next March.

After shifting from comics to animation, Derek Kirk Kim will return to the printed world for The Last Mermaid, a new ongoing series from Image Comics.

The creator of the award-winning Same Difference and Other Stories will write and draw The Last Mermaid, which, as the title suggests, is about a mermaid roaming across a post-apocalyptic landscape “on a quest beyond reason.”

“I’m so excited to be back making comics after a decade of experience in TV and animation,” said Kim. “The Last Mermaid is a culmination of everything I’ve learned and love in storytelling, and I couldn’t be prouder to present it through Image Comics. Returning to comics feels like coming home and I hope everyone will join the titular mermaid on her epic quest to find her own home in The Last Mermaid.”

Here are the details from Image Comics:

In The Last Mermaid, a lone mermaid roams an endless wasteland on a quest beyond reason. To press ever onward, she must survive the interminable stretches between tiny pockets of water, roaming bands of cybernetic cannibals, and fearsome mutant beasts. What propels her forward to take such a risk?

And here’s a short preview of the first issue:

Look for it to emerge in stores on March 6.

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