Oni will publish a collection of Boulet’s observational cartoons

‘Boulet’s Notes: Back in Time’ will bring comics from the cartoonist’s popular blog to the United States.

Oni Press will collect several of famed French cartoonist Boulet’s comics in a hardcover volume next year. Boulet’s Notes: Back in Time will pull from Boulet’s blog, where he has regularly posted comic strips and observational comics for the last two decades.

“Boulet’s improvisational, imaginative, and insanely creative comic strips have been a key part of the world of webcomics since he started posting them online way back in the early 2000s,” said translator and editor François Vigneault. “This new collection, featuring a curated and newly translated selection of his work from the early years, is truly a ticket back in time to the start of the webcomics era!”

Here are more details from Oni:

Since 2004, the French cartoonist Boulet (Dungeon: Zenith) has kept an online comic diary of his adventures and reflections of everyday life. Pulled from his sketchbooks and posted on his blog, these often-witty observational comics brought Boulet a whole new audience thanks to his canny habit of posting multilingual versions of each story. Turns out, commentary on dating, pop culture, and big-city life is universal—even if the big city in question is Paris, France! 

Boulet, whose real name is Gilles Roussel, was one of the first French cartoonists to start a blog where he posted his comics and sketches about his everyday life. He also worked on the French series Dungeon with Lewis Trondheim and Joann Sfar, and the science fiction series Bolchoi Arena, which has been nominated multiple times at the Angouleme International Comic Festival.

Boulet’s Notes: Back in Time will arrive in stores next June.

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