More High Republic Adventures crash-land at Dark Horse

A one-shot featuring Alys “Crash” Ongwa and a miniseries featuring former Jedi Ty Yorrick will arrive this spring.

Dark Horse has announced two more projects that look back at the pre-Skywalker Star Wars universe, back in the heyday of the Jedi. Return to the High Republic era in the one-shot subtitled Crash Landing and the four-issue Saber for Hire miniseries.

Star Wars: The High Republic Adventures Phase III—Crash Landing is by the team of Daniel José Older (author of several Star Wars: The High Republic novels), artist Rachele Aragno and colorist Michael Atiyeh, with letters by Comicraft.

The story features Alys “Crash” Ongwa, who hails from the same planet that would eventually give us Han Solo — Corellia, which is known for producing ships and pilots. Corellia fell into chaos because of the Nihil conflict, which has been central to the overall High Republic saga.

“Crash and her wild outlaw team of bodyguards are some of my favorite Star Wars characters to write,” Older said, “and I’ve had this story about how they deal with the aftermath of war inside me for a long time, trying to get out. I’m so excited to be able to tell it now with this amazing team, and rest assured we haven’t heard the last of Crash and her crew.” 

More details from Dark Horse:

Alys “Crash” Ongwa and her crew have been fighting against anyone who had a hand in the Nihil infiltration that plunged her home planet of Corellia into chaos. If they don’t continue to fight, everything they sacrificed for could slip away. Now, Crash has a lead on the person behind the entire Nihil plot— but she’ll have to rely on some old friends for help. If her crew can accomplish this mission, could true peace be on their horizon?

Look for the one-shot to arrive on March 20 — just a few weeks before Star Wars: The High Republic Adventures—Saber for Hire arrives in stores. This miniseries is written by High Republic master scribe Cavan Scott, with art by Rachael Stott. It features the return of Ty Yorrick, a former Jedi turned monster hunter.

“I am really excited to be teaming up with Rachael Stott once again for more Ty Yorrick adventures.” Said Cavan Scott. “Saber For Hire takes place in The High Republic’s dramatic third phase when the anarchic Nihil have annexed a vast area of Republic space. Former Jedi-turned-monster hunter Ty and her apprentice Drewen are trapped behind enemy lines and having the time of their lives hunting beasts and making a small fortune. Well, Ty is having the time of her life. Drewen is feeling sidelined and wants more from their partnership. As Ty faces a nightmare from her past, Drewen steps out on his own. What could go wrong, right?”

More details from Dark Horse:

The former Jedi turned monster hunter is facing new challenges behind the Nihil Stormwall. She’s never been busier, battling dangers and earning credits galore. If only she hadn’t agreed to take an apprentice. A storm is brewing on the horizon that will see Ty crossing sabers with old enemies–and friends.

Look for the first issue on April 10.

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