Gillen + Wijngard + Cowles bring ‘The Power Fantasy’ to life in August

The new series about superpowered beings will be published by Image Comics.

Kieron Gillen, Caspar Wijngaard and Clayton Cowles will present “the eternal fight against fighting” in the new series The Power Fantasy, coming in August from Image Comics.

The series will feature six superpowered people, with “superpowered” being described as having the destructive power of America’s nuclear arsenal. So for the good of the world, it’s important that they never come into conflict.

“This is very much the new big swing book,” Gillen said on social media. “I think you’ll love it.”

Here’s the teaser:

The Power Fantasy emerged in a similar way to The Wicked + The Divine,” Gillen said in a statement to The Hollywood Reporter. “I was doing a book at Marvel, and became aware of exactly the sort of things I could do with the reins taken off. As The Wicked + the Divine was to Young Avengers, this is to Immortal X-Men. It’s a comic informed by superheroes, but one where a fight is the absolute lose state, for everyone. It’s set from 1945-1999, and so is a chance to really have fun with an alternate cultural history, too. I think you can see it as an extension of my best work: WicDivian alternate-pop culture, a cold-war take on Uber’s realpolitik, Die’s social group drama hyper-charged by genre.”

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