Matt Wagner’s Grendel returns with the ‘Grendel: Devil’s Crucible’ trilogy

The first of three new miniseries follows in the footsteps of ‘Devil’s Odyssey.’

Matt Wagner’s long-running Grendel will return this summer for the first of three new miniseries titled Grendel: Devil’s Crucible–Defiance. Grendel’s creator will be joined again by his son, colorist Brennan Wagner, on the series, along with letterers Steve Dutro and Rob Leigh.

Devil’s Crucible follows the eight-issue Devil’s Odyssey, which advanced the futuristic Grendel: Devil Quest story for the first time since the mid-1990s. Grendel first appeared in the early 1980s at Comico, and has appeared on and off at Dark Horse ever since Comico went bankrupt with stories set at different times and focused on different characters.

Devil’s Odyssey was a dramatic break in the futuristic setting of Grendel. And Devil’s Crucible goes one step further by turning the precepts and setting of that world on its collective ear,” Wagner said. “Gone are the dominant Grendel clans and their military elitism, and yet that fascistic power structure has been replaced…by something far worse! I’ve got some major surprises on deck for this storyline and a word of warning for longtime readers; be careful what you wish for!”

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Sam Maggs + Lisa Sterle bring ‘The Wicked Trinity’ to Greendale High

Sabrina’s not the only teenage witch in Greendale.

Sabrina Spellman’s old high school is getting a new class of witches in The Wicked Trinity, a one-shot written by Sam Maggs with art by Lisa Sterle. They’re joined by colorist Ellie Wright and letterer Jack Morelli for the project.

“Real witches writing real witches — that’s how we do things over at Archie Comics!” Maggs said. “I was named after a famous witch — Samantha from Bewitched — and so I grew up absolutely obsessed with everything witchcraft, devouring every book series I could about teen witches. That makes Wicked Trinity a dream project for me.”

The one-shot will feature Amber Nightstone, Jade Kazane and Sapphire Gill, who have appeared in Archie classic, all-ages titles, but this will be their first appearance in Archie’s line of comics for older readers.

“When Editor-In-Chief Mike Pellerito came up with the idea of the Wicked Trinity, I was immediately intrigued,” said Archie’s Senior Director of Editorial Jamie L. Rotante. “I even had the good fortune to work on the script for Jade and Sapphire’s first appearance in last year’s Sabrina Annual Spectacular comic for younger readers. What I especially loved about these magical teens is that they could seamlessly transcend from classic-Archie stories into more mature, even horror stories. I was eager to start developing their world with a modern sensibility, taking cues from the great work of Kelly Thompson and Veronica Fish on our Sabrina the Teenage Witch series, and Sarah Kuhn and Carola Borelli on our recent Darkling one-shot. Inspired by series like Charmed and films like The Craft, I knew there was so much potential to build up this coven in a story that beautifully blends magical fantasy with horror.”

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