Thanos plagues the Marvel Universe this summer in ‘The Infinity Watch’ crossover

The Mad Titan and the Infinity Stones return in an event that runs through Marvel’s annuals.

Thanos’ ongoing quest to control the Infinity Gems Stones returns to prominence this summer in nine of Marvel’s 2024 annuals. The crossover event, spearheaded by writer Derek Landy, will begin in Thanos Annual #1 and continue through Amazing Spider-Man, Immortal Thor and more.

Landy will write some of the main stories in the annuals and all of the back-up stories, which will be drawn by Sara Pichelli.

Now, if you’re not up on your Infinity Stones lore, they are indeed the powerful artifacts formerly known as the Infinity Gems, which Thanos once used to form the Infinity Gauntlet and wipe out half the population of the universe, back in the Infinity Gauntlet series by Jim Starlin, George Perez and Ron Lim. More recently, in the Infinite Destinies event (which itself ran through several Marvel annuals a few years back and happens to be on sale on Comixology today), the stones were grafted into “the very bodies and souls of a few of Marvel’s up-and-coming heroes and villains.” These included Star, who has appeared in Captain Marvel and was on a recent team of Thunderbolts; Prince of Power, who appeared in Al Ewing’s run on Guardians of the Galaxy; Multitude; and Overtime. Overall, though, they’ve been under the radar since the Infinite Destinies event.

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‘Destro’ and ‘Scarlett’ land in the Energon Universe in June

Kelly Thompson, Marco Fereari, Dan Watters and Andrei Bressan continue to re-introduce the G.I. Joe and Cobra teams at Skybound.

Skybound’s Energon Universe will continue to grow in June with two more miniseries focused on characters from G.I. Joe — Scarlett by Kelly Thompson and Marco Ferrari, and Destro by Dan Watters Andrei Bressan.

The two miniseries follow the recent series starring Cobra Commander and Duke, which brought characters from G.I. Joe into the larger shared universe that also includes Transformers and Void Rivals.

Duke and Cobra Commander were two of the highest-selling G.I. Joe comics of all time, and they’re only the start of our new beginning for the amazing G.I. Joe franchise,” said Sean Mackiewicz, SVP, Publisher, Skybound. “With G.I. Joe and Cobra now locked on an unavoidable collision course, Scarlett and Destro will introduce new characters and factions that will disrupt their most carefully laid plans. Kelly Thompson, Marco Ferrari, Dan Watters and my favorite madman, Andrei Bressan are crafting action-packed, jaw-dropping comics that will forever change the Energon Universe.”

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Duggan + Brown team for ‘Falling in Love on the Path to Hell’ at Image Comics

A gunslinger and a samurai walk into purgatory …

If you’re wondering what Gerry Duggan will be up to once his run on X-Men ends, never fear — he’s teaming up with artist Garry Brown for an ambitious creator-owned series at Image Comics.

Falling in Love on the Path to Hell will start at the end for the two main characters — an Onna-musha warrior and an Old West gunslinger. After being mortally wounded on different continents, the pair “awake together in a purgatory ruled by a ruthless, nightmarish society of damned warriors.”

“We’re inspired by samurai films, grindhouse, westerns, Tarantino, Lone Wolf & Cub and of course all our favorite weird, supernatural comic books,” said Duggan. “This romance is our love letter to creator-owned comics—it’s a story we can only tell at Image Comics.”

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Daredevil goes ‘Giant-Size’ in June as he faces a possessed Kingpin

Saladin Ahmed and Paul Davidson bring a very different Wilson Fisk back into Matt Murdock’s life.

Daredevil’s past and present will collide in Giant-Size Daredevil this summer, as regular Daredevil scribe Saladin Ahmed and artist Paul Davidson show what happens when the demonic forces making Matt Murdock’s life a living hell in his monthly title decide to take control of the Kingpin.

“I’ve always loved villain POV stories, and Wilson Fisk has the ultimate street level villain POV,” Ahmed said. “We went really big and bloody with this, bringing Kingpin back in a huge way, and I can’t wait for fans to check it out.”

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