Cullen Bunn + Outland Entertainment announce several new horror comics

The Outer Shadows imprint plan to crowdfund several new projects written by Bunn.

Cullen Bunn and Outland Entertainment have announced plans to publish “dozens” of comics, graphic novels and trade paperbacks via Bunn’s dedicated Outer Shadows imprint, starting with a dark fantasy and an erotic thriller.

Outer Shadows was formed to be a home for both prose and comics projects, and thus far they’ve released Bunn’s novel Crooked Hills, the novella Raze and a short story collection. Today they revealed five new comics projects, along with a collection of one of Bunn’s previous titles.

“I’ve always envisioned Outer Shadows as the place for prose and comics,” Bunn said. “Now, we’re following through on that initial idea with a deep dive into the horror and dark fantasy comic market.”

Each Outer Shadows project will start with a crowdfunding campaign, with plans to release them into the direct market once the campaign is finished.

Here’s what to expect in the months ahead …

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