Jenny Sparks will return in a DC Black Label miniseries by Tom King + Jeff Spokes

The six-issue miniseries, which also features Batman and Captain Atom, begins in August.

The leader of The Authority will return in a new miniseries by Tom King and Jeff Spokes this summer. Jenny Sparks will be published by DC’s Black Label imprint and will feature Batman and Captain Atom as well.

Jenny Sparks is an epic, thrilling, mind-blowing series in the tradition of Strange AdventuresMister Miracle and The Human Target,” King said. “The Spirit of the 20th Century comes to the 21st to try to save five men and women taken hostage by an out-of-control and infinitely powered Captain Atom. Through this lens, we’ll explore the grip of Jenny’s time on our own; how, despite all our desperate prayers, the sins of our past refuse to die away. Featuring astonishing art by Jeff Spokes (seriously, it’s so damn good), Jenny Sparks seeks to set the bar in superhero comics, to show how our heroes can illuminate and define our moment.”

Much like his work on The Human Target, it sounds like King will once again put members of the Justice League into precarious situations:

Kicking off the action in Jenny Sparks #1, what could four strangers have to do with the fate of the world? Find out as Captain Atom goes rogue, threatening to destroy the planet he once swore to protect. It may take the most unconventional hero of them all to stop him…Jenny Sparks, the one woman tasked with keeping all the heroes in line, no matter the cost. With a snap of her fingers, she’s entered the fray and won’t quit until the job is done!

Here’s a look at Spokes’ interior artwork:

The first issue will feature variant covers by Guillem March, Homare and Saowee:

Jenny Sparks #1, the first issue of six, will arrive in stores on Aug. 21 and is aimed at mature readers.

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