Sunday Comics | ‘Wayne Family Adventures’ returns for a third season

Check out new webcomics by Derek Laufman, Leigh Luna and more.

Here’s a round up of some of the best and most interesting comics we’ve seen online recently. If we missed something, let us know in the comments below.

Wayne Family Adventures, the Webtoon comic that features Batman and all his kids, has returned for a third season. The comic first debuted back in 2021 and has also been collected in print.

Writer CRC Payne and lead artist StarBite are back with more of tales that fall into my favorite Tumblr sub-genre — “BatFam eats dinner together”:

Oh, Tim … I think you’re the only one.

Season 3 will run for 50 episodes and will include the series’ first season-long threat, in the form of The Joker. He’s probably not getting an invite to dinner. In addition to the ongoing comic, you’ll also find three mini-comics that were released over the last month as a build-up to the third season. The “Super Friends” one in particular is pretty fun.

Another publisher investing in online comics is Viz, which has launched four new one-shots as part of their Viz Originals line. All four of them are available to read for free on their website

The VIZ Originals One-Shots program is meant to offer “aspiring mangaka the opportunity to showcase their talent and passion for the art form that has touched the lives of readers all around the world.” The program is being overseen by former Weekly Shonen Jump editor-in-chief Hisashi Sasaki. The four one-shots you can check out are: 

More one-shots will be added each month. In addition to reading them on the Viz website, they are also available to read on the Viz Manga app.

Action Philosophers, the humorous and quirky educational comics line by Fred Van Lente and Ryan Dunlavey, can now be read on the web. The duo has launched a website and has been adding new material on a weekly basis, featuring coloring by Adam Guzowski (the original comics, which launched way back in 2005, were in black and white).

They’ve been breaking up the longer issues by philosopher, so you can easily narrow in on your favorites, whether that’s former wrestler Plato, kung fu grandmaster Bodhidharma or Gottfried Leibniz, co-inventor of Calculus.

Nancy cartoonist  Olivia Jaimes is taking a summer break from the strip, and to bridge the gap, Andrews McMeel has recruited several cartoonist to fill in on the popular strip, including Caroline Cash, Shaenon K. Garrity, Megan McKay and the creator of the first Jaimes-less comic, Leigh Luna. The publisher and Jaimes have been coy about when the strips would start — supposedly they weren’t supposed to debut until July, but surprise! Luna’s strip went live today, so we’ll have to check back tomorrow to see if there’s another guest artist.

Finally, Derek Laufman, creator of RuinWorld and other comics, has launched a new webcomic called Crimson Fall: Lambs of God. It’s about Sir Duncross, a former-knight-turned-mercenary who stands between the surface world and “what lurks beneath the surface of this horrid land.” Which are demons. The comic can be read online or bought in print from Laufman’s store.

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