Ghost Machine’s ‘Hyde Street’ will debut in October

The horror universe created by Geoff Johns and Ivan Reis will kick off with a new series + a one-shot.

Ghost Machine, the Image Comics imprint led by Geoff Johns, has announced more details on Hyde Street, the upcoming line of horror comics involving Johns, artist Ivan Reis and others.

As a quick reminder, Johns and several of his frequent collaborators announced Ghost Machine last year, built on the idea that the creators involved will co-own all the characters and universes developed within Ghost Machine. And yes, that’s “universes,” plural with the horror-themed Hyde Street joining Johns’ The Unnamed universe, which features his Geiger and Junkyard Joe comics, and a science fiction-themed universe featuring Johns and Jason Fabok’s Rook.

Johns and Reis have worked together in the past on Aquaman and Green Lantern, including the Blackest Night crossover. So it’s no surprise to see them teaming up again on this new Hyde Street initiative.

“Everyone at Ghost Machine is incredibly excited for fans to discover the Hyde Street universe,” Johns said at a panel at FanExpo Denver this past weekend. “Ivan and I have wanted to collaborate on something new and original for a long time, and Hyde Street was the perfect avenue for us to let a darker side of our imagination run wild. The characters will lure you into this world each in their own unnerving way and walking down any ‘Hyde Street’ in your town will never feel the same again.” 

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Ivan Reis brings ‘Hyde Street’ to Ghost Machine

Reis will re-team with Geoff Johns on the creator-owned series.

Artist Ivan Reis will team with Geoff Johns once again on Hyde Street, an upcoming creator-owned series that will fall under the recently announced Ghost Machine imprint.

Reis joins Johns, Jason Fabok, Gary Frank, Bryan Hitch, Brad Meltzer and more at Ghost Machine, a new company that aims to be a “first-of-its-kind creator-owned and operated media company.” I’m not sure how that differs from Image Comics, which has been creator-owned and operated for 30 years and will actually publish Ghost Machine’s titles, but there you go.

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