Exclusive: Read Morgan Pielli’s story ‘Protection’ from the ‘Pandemix’ anthology

The anthology benefits the Hero Initiative and is available via Patreon.

Last week Dean Haspiel and Whitney Matheson announced Pandemix: Quarantine Comics in the Age of ‘Rona, an anthology of comics about life during COVID-19.

“When COVID-19 sparked a global pandemic and national quarantines, I worried about my creative colleagues,” Haspiel said. “Many of us lost freelance work, and the comic book industry shuttered for a while. But I felt compelled to rally cartoonists to confront the pandemic and make art out of it. Art that can help comic creators in need.”

One of the creators featured in that anthology is Morgan Pielli, whose work has appeared in The New York Times Online, Comixcast, Sundays and Side B, as well as in the pages of the self-published Indestructible Universe Quarterly. We’re pleased to feature his contribution, “Protection,” which you can read below.

If you’re interested in buying Pandemix, it is now available digitally via Patreon. All proceeds benefit the Hero Initiative.

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Comics Lowdown: Can Disney stop cops from using the Punisher symbol?

Plus: News on Al Jaffe, Uncivilized Books, awards and more.

With police brutality once again in the public eye, many fans on social media have called out Disney/Marvel to put their litigious muscles to work and prevent cops from using the Punisher logo — a popular emblem with some members of law enforcement, despite the fact that Frank Castle is a criminal and a killer.

First, you can find some history of both the character and its popularity with police here. That piece’s writer, Brian Cronin, is not only a contributor to CBR, but also a lawyer, and he offers his thoughts on why he doesn’t think Disney would have much success in an article titled “There’s Not Much Marvel Can Do About Cops Using Punisher’s Logo.” Cronin writes:

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