Smash Pages Q&A: Sami Alwani

The creator of the award-winning ‘The Dead Father’ discusses his latest work for Fantagraphics’ ‘Now’ anthology.

Sami Alwani is a Toronto-based cartoonist and illustrator who, by his own admission, works slowly, but in the past few years has produced a number of comics for Vice, Broken Pencil and other publications. He received a 2018 Doug Wright Award for his comic The Dead Father.

Alwani has a new comic in NOW #8, the current issue of the Fantagraphics anthology. The Misfortunes of Virtue isn’t just a good comic, but I would argue it’s Alwani’s best work to date. We spoke recently about life during lockdown, working slowly and where that title comes from.

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Doug Wright Awards honor Jesse Jacobs, Jenn Woodhall, Sami Alwani

Editorial cartoonist Duncan Macpherson was inducted into the Giants of the North Canadian cartoonist hall of fame during TCAF weekend.

A trio of first-time winners took home trophies from the Doug Wright Awards, presented yesterday during the Toronto Comics Arts Festival.

The Doug Wright Awards honor “the best work and most promising talent in Canadian comics.” Check out the winners below:

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