Captain Commando and The Fox come to the rescue in ‘World of Archie Jumbo Comics Digest’ #127

Check out an exclusive preview of two new stories coming in next week’s digest from Archie Comics.

We’re happy to once again present a preview courtesy of our friends at Archie Comics — this time for World of Archie Jumbo Comics Digest #127, which comes out Feb. 15.

Today’s exclusive includes previews of two new stories, both written by Ian Flynn, drawn by Steven Butler, colored by Glenn Whitmore and lettered by Jack Morelli. The first, “Commando & Conquer,” features an appearance by Captain Commando, a hero I had to look up. He first appeared during World War II and lead The Boy Soldiers, a group of kids who fought the Nazi regime behind enemy lines. In this new story, which is inked by Lily Butler, Archie signs his friends up for a boot camp to get them in shape for the summer, but it happens to be run by the good captain, who attempts to turn them into the next generation of Boy Buddies.

The second story, “Snap(shot) Decision,” Jughead and his photojournalist instructor Paul Patton are ambushed by the Pain Conductor, who wants revenge on Patton for an unflattering expose on him. But Patton is actually the superhero The Fox, and he springs into action against this train-themed villain. This one is inked by Jim Amash.

Below you’ll find previews of both stories, plus a complete classic Archie story where he day dreams about being super hero — which is kind of funny, given that these days Archie has been everything from a superhero to a zombie to a warrior of the apocalypse. It’s by the late George Gladir, Pat Kennedy and Terry Austin.

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