Fantagraphics to launch ‘Now’ anthology in September

Eric Reynolds to edit the three-times-a-year publication; first issue will feature Sammy Harkham, Rebecca Morgan, Dash Shaw, Noah Van Sciver, Gabrielle Bell and more.

Fantagraphics is bringing back a reoccurring alt.comics anthology with the launch of Now this September. Like MOME, the quarterly anthology that ran for 22 issues about 10 years ago, Now will be edited by Fantagraphics Associate Publisher Eric Reynolds.

Reynolds spoke with The Comics Reporter’s Tom Spurgeon about why now is the time for Now:

The idea really coalesced after last year’s Short Run festival. I went to that show with a plan to really canvas the show and see what was there. I don’t get to actually shop extensively at shows very often, and I ended up dropping close to a couple of hundred bucks, buying anything that looked even remotely interesting. There was a lot of good work that I felt was probably being overlooked because of either the signal to noise ratio or even just the harsh realities of distribution. If you don’t live in a region that has a show like Short Run, you’re likely to never be exposed to a lot the work that’s there. And I came away from that show realizing that Fantagraphics can provide a platform to get the work out there. Not in huge numbers, necessarily, but in a way that not everyone has access to, whether it’s Diamond distribution to comic book stores, general trade bookstores, Amazon, as well as digital platforms like Kindle, Comixology, Google Play, etc.

Fantagraphics will publish Now three times a year. The firsts issue will be 128 pages with a $9.99 price tag, and will include contributions from Gabrielle Bell, Sara Corbett, Eleanor Davis, Sammy Harkham, Rebecca Morgan, Dash Shaw, Noah Van Sciver and many others. Check out Morgan’s cover for the first issue below:

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