Love, Image Comics Style: Alex de Campi helms ‘Twisted Romance’ anthology

Katie Skelly, Alejandra Gutiérrez, Carla Speed McNeil, Trungles and more contribute to a new miniseries featuring stories about love.

Image Comics has announced Twisted Romance, a four-issue, weekly miniseries featuring “love gone right, wrong and everything in between” that will run in the most romantic month of the year, February.

“This project is a dream for me,” said writer Alex de Campi. “I’m getting to collaborate with some of comics’ coolest creators and some amazing prose fiction voices. Everything everyone is doing looks so amazing. I’m just giddy that Image basically handed us the reins and said, ‘do whatever you want. This looks cool.’ So, yeah: come February, we’re going to break your heart, fill you with joy, and give you awkward pants feels. Sometimes in same story. Occasionally, even on the same page.”

Each issue will feature 48 pages of content: a main comic story, a backup comic story and a backup prose story. Artists working with de Campi include Katie Skelly, Alejandra Gutiérrez, Carla Speed McNeil and Trungles.

“I’m thrilled to be working with Alex,” said Skelly. “I think our comic will show off our love of ’70s film—and the darkest reaches of our brains. It’s going to be such a standout on the comics stand. I think the right people will find it and really appreciate it.”

Here’s a rundown of what to expect in each issue:

TWISTED ROMANCE #1: “Old Flames” arrives Feb. 7, featuring art from Katie Skelly (My Pretty Vampire, Nurse Nurse), a backup comic from Sarah Horrocks (Goro, The Leopard), and a prose story by Magen Cubed (Crashers).

TWISTED ROMANCE #2: “Twinkle and the Star” hits shelves Feb. 14, with art from Alejandra Gutiérrez (Love is Love), a backup comic from Meredith McClaren (Hinges), and a prose story by Vita Ayala (Batman Beyond).

TWISTED ROMANCE #3: “Invincible Heart” will be available Feb. 21, with art from Carla Speed McNeil (No Mercy, Finder), a backup comic from Margaret Trauth (Decrypting Rita), and a prose story by Jess Bradley.

TWISTED ROMANCE #4: “Treasured” hits stores Feb. 28, with art from Trungles (Mirror Mirror, Fauns & Faeries), a backup comic from Sarah Winifred Searle (Fresh Romance), and a prose story by Naomi Salman.

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