‘Blackwood’ is back in session in February

Evan Dorkin, Veronica Fish and Andy Fish reunite for ‘Blackwood: The Mourning After.’

A new semester at the creepiest college around begins this winter, as Evan Dorkin, Veronica Fish and Andy Fish reunite for Blackwood: The Mourning After.

“I’m very happy to be able to return to the halls of Blackwood. I enjoy writing these characters and putting them through hell, and I love seeing how Veronica and Andy bring it all to life. Especially the dead things,” Dorkin said in the press release.

If you aren’t familiar with the first Blackwood series, Dorkin recently described the school to our own Alex Dueben as “an old college that recruits young people who had tragic encounters with the supernatural for a secret occult program. Blackwood has a lot of the creepy stuff; it’s also pretty much a comedy. We try to sidestep a lot of the things people might expect from a ‘magic school.’ Some reviews mentioned Harry Potter, Buffy and Scooby Doo, but our reference points are more like Return of the Living Dead, Re-Animator and Real Genius.”

According to Dark Horse, the new series continues where the first left off — with Blackwood College mourning two deaths. “The students have a lot to learn about these mysterious deaths and the repercussions left behind, but while they investigate, a traitor hides in their midst looking to bury the rest of the school too,” the press release says.

“Evan is so great about taking a drawing I did or an idea we have and running with it, incorporating it where it works into the story—it’s a very rewarding collaboration. I’m so personally invested in these characters, the school as an entity itself and all the weird stuff surrounding it – there is so much story! It’s so fun spending time in this world, hopefully that comes through,” said Veronica Fish.

The new miniseries arrives in February. A collection of the first series can be found at finer comic shops, as well as on comiXology.

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