‘Star’ will shine in her own miniseries

The character’s co-creator, Kelly Thompson, will write the miniseries that spins out of ‘Captain Marvel.’

After debuting in the pages of Captain Marvel earlier this year, Marvel has announced that the new hero Star will receive her own miniseries, courtesy of her co-creator, Kelly Thompson.

“With some really exceptional standouts like the creation of Miles Morales and Kamala Khan, it’s pretty hard to get traction on a new character in modern comics, so the excitement surrounding Star has been really fun to watch,” Thompson told Marvel.com.

cover by Carmen Carnero

If you missed her debut, Star is actually reporter Ripley Ryan, who first appeared in the latest Captain Marvel #1, during the Nuclear Man storyline. She has ties to the Kree and Dr. Minerva, and ended up in The Raft after trying to kill Captain Marvel. She was co-created by Thompson and artist Carmen Carnero.

“The plan to reveal Ripley Ryan as Star has been cooking since before the first Captain Marvel script was on paper,” said Editor Sarah Brunstad. “The whole Captain Marvel team has had such a great time developing her and waiting for her big moment, and I’m ecstatic that Carmen is staying with the character to do the covers for this miniseries. Kelly wrote some great dialogue in issue #11 that get to the core motivations behind her attack on Carol. She’s an extremely relatable character who’s been twisted by the trauma she experienced from Nuclear Man in the first arc, and now she’s driven by fear, by the need to be never be a victim again.”

Variant cover by Jeehyung Lee

The miniseries begins in January.

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