‘Heroes Reborn’ will wrap up in ‘Heroes Return’ #1

The Avengers reassemble to battle the Squadron Supreme in the finale of the event.

Marvel has announced that their upcoming Heroes Reborn event will come to an end in June with Heroes Return #1, where the reassembled Avengers will battle the Squadron Supreme in “a glorious Super Hero slugfest that will shake the Marvel Universe to its core.”

The name of the one-shot is appropriate, as readers of the 1990s Heroes Reborn event may remember. In 1996, Rob Liefeld and Jim Lee took over four Marvel titles — Avengers, Captain America, Iron Man and Fantastic Four — and moved these characters to an alternate Earth/timeline. Eventually the heroes were “rescued” from this other Earth in a miniseries titled Heroes Reborn: The Return. And when each of the four titles were relaunched as part of the regular Marvel continuity, it was under the banner “Heroes Return.”

The cover for Heroes Return completes the image displayed on issue #5-7 of the Heroes Reborn miniseries:

“Maybe the wildest story I’ve ever put on paper,” said writer Jason Aaron, who will work with different artists on each issue. “I got to cut loose on this and release my inner comic-reared child in a really profound way, and together with a cadre of immensely imaginative artists, we built a world that I’m pretty confident in saying is quite unlike any version of the Marvel Universe you’ve seen before.”

Heroes Reborn #1-4 will come out in May, with issues #5-7 coming in June, along with Heroes Return. They’ll be accompanied by several one-shots that tie into the event, showing how the rest of the Marvel universe has changed as a result of the Avengers never being founded and the Squadron Supreme filling that void.

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