‘Heroes Reborn’ in June spotlights Nighthawk, Power Princess, ‘Night-Gwen’ and ‘Murder Hornet’

Marvel’s event miniseries continues in June with more issues and one-shots about a world where the Avengers never assembled.

Marvel has revealed more details about their Heroes Reborn plans for June, including what to expect in the miniseries as well as from several one-shots.

You might remember that Heroes Reborn is an event miniseries coming from Marvel that spins out of Jason Aaron’s work on Avengers. It’ll run for seven issues, with several tie-in one-shots to support it. Jason Aaron is writing the main series, with different artist doing each issue. The first four issues will be drawn by Ed McGuinness, Dale Keown, Federico Vicentini and James Stokoe.

And the story, essentially, falls into the “continuity has been screwed up and now someone needs to fix it” genre, kind of like House of M and Age of Apocalypse. In this new reality, the Avengers never assembled, and the void they left was filled by the Squadron Supreme. Blade is the only Avenger who seems to remember how things should be.

June will bring issues #5-7 of the miniseries, which, like the first four, will have connecting covers:

Issue #5 will spotlight Nighthawk, who of course is based on DC’s Batman. His story will involve Ravencroft Asylum and his arch enemy, The Goblin. In issue #6, Power Princess takes center stage, as she ventures into Asgard. And finally, issue #7 sees the Squadron Supreme face their greatest challenge: some ragtag group of “troublemakers” who call themselves the Avengers. Artists for these issues have not been announced.

There will also be a double-sized eighth issue, which Marvel plans to reveal more details about later on.

In addition to the main series, June will also bring several one-shots:

Paul Grist and Christopher Allen are the creative team for American Knights, which will feature Police Commissioner Luke Cage and his war on street crime and vigilantes.

Night-Gwen by Vita Ayala and Farid Karami reimagines Gwen Stacy as Nightbird, a psychiatrist at Ravencroft Asylum who fights crime at night as Nightbird. Sounds like a take-off on Batgirl, with maybe a dash of Harley Quinn thrown in for good measure.

Tim Seeley and Dan Jurgens team up for a tale from the Squadron’s past in Marvel Double Action, as we find out how The Goblin killed Nighthawk’s partner, the Falcon.

In Squadron Savage, we meet a government-back team courtesy of Ethan Sacks and drawn by Luca Pizzari. Elektra leads a team that includes the Punisher, Crossbones, Cloak and Murder Hornet that target “threats that require a more savage approach than the Squadron Supreme of America can offer.”

And in Weapon X & Final Flight, Ed Brisson and Roland Boschi re-imagine Alpha Flight and Wolverine for the Heroes Reborn universe.

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