Marvel will spotlight Latinx creators + characters in ‘Marvel’s Voices: Comunidades’

The new anthology will feature stories by Terry Blas, Daniel José Older, Amparo Ortiz, Juan Ponce, Karla Pacheco, Alex Segura and more.

Marvel’s Voices, the anthology series that puts the spotlight on underrepresented characters and creators, will continue with a new edition in October: Marvel’s Voices: Comunidades.

Marvel’s Voices: Comunidades will feature stories by established and new Latinx comics creators, telling stories about Latinx characters.

“Marvel Voices is such a unique project that I feel really drills down on the core Marvel tenet of reflecting the world outside your window–so when the opportunity came to help put together Marvel Voices: Comunidades and celebrate the Latinx community, I couldn’t have been more excited,” co-editor Lauren Amaro said. “And that excitement only continues to grow as story pitches continue to roll in–trust me, you’re not going to want to miss out on what this talented group of creators have got cooking up!”

Some of the creators contributing to the anthology include Terry Blas, Daniel José Older, Amparo Ortiz, Juan Ponce, Karla Pacheco, Alex Segura, Leo Romero, Edgar Delgado, Nico Leon and more.

In terms of the book’s content, Older will write a story featuring the original White Tiger, Marvel’s first Latino superhero, who debuted in 1974. Blas, meanwhile, will introduce a new hero that spins out of the current Reptil series he’s writing, while Ponce will tell a story about Nina the Conjuror, the Brazilian Sorcerer Supreme of the 1950s. Comics scholar Frederick Luis Aldama will provide the introduction.

“This is such an excellent project, and I’m very happy to get to be part of it,” Older said. “I’ve read all the Marvel’s Voices collections and loved them, so it’s great to be able to write for one! ¡Pa’lante!” 

Check out some of the issue’s variant covers below, by Mateus Manhanini, George Pérez and Java Tartaglia, Maria Wolf and Mike Spicer, and Nabetse Zitro and Jesus Aburtov:

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