Whilce Portacio, Jeremy Holt + more contribute to ‘Marvel’s Voices: Identity’

The Marvel anthology will arrive Aug. 25.

Marvel has announced more details on Marvel’s Voices: Identity, the anthology they plan to release later this month that will focus on Asian creators and characters.

The anthology has slipped back from its original publication date of Aug. 11 and is now scheduled to be released Aug. 25. It follows in the footsteps of the recent Marvel Voices: Pride, Marvel’s Voices: Indigenous Voices and Marvel’s Voices: Legacy, which, respectively, featured stories by and about the LGBTQ+, Indigenous and Black communities.

Marvel’s Voices: Identity will include the following stories:

A Shang-Chi story by Gene Yang, who writes the current Shang-Chi ongoing series, with artists Marcus To (Excalibur) and Sunny Gho:

A Jubilee story by Christina Strain and Jason Loo. Strain is probably best known to comic fans as a colorist and former writer of Generation X, which featured Jubilee. More recently, though, she’s been writing for TV, including the recent Netflix series Shadow and Bone. Lee is the artist for the award-winning Afterlift digital series.

A Silk story by Maurene Goo, who wrote the most recent Silk miniseries, and artist Lynne Yoshii, who worked on DC’s Gotham City Garage series. It looks like the story will also feature Amadeus Cho:

A Jimmy Woo story by veteran writer Greg Pak, This Nightmare Kills Fascists contributor Creees Lee and colorist Brian Reber.

“It’s a real honor to be able to represent the Asian community by working on this Jimmy Woo short with Darren Shan, Greg Pak, and Brian Reber,” Lee told Marvel.com. “Creating this story was an amazing experience, and I still can’t believe Marvel’s Voices: Identity is my debut at Marvel. I am so thankful for this unique opportunity and hope you enjoy the story!”

Ms. Marvel by Violets writer Sabir Pirzada, artist Mashal Ahmed (who has also been tapped to provide covers for the upcoming Ms Marvel: Beyond the Limit series) and colorist Neeraj Menon.

“Ms. Marvel has always been so down to earth and relatable to me and many others in her experiences,” Ahmed said , “and I’m super happy to have had a part in telling this special story!”

A story featuring Silhouette from the New Warriors, by Before Houdini writer Jeremy Holt, Future Foundation artist Alti Firmansyah and colorist Irma Kniivila.

“If someone had told me that I’d be published by Marvel this year, I wouldn’t have believed them,” Holt said. “I’m so honored by the opportunity to showcase an underrepresented character like Silhouette, and to add to her story in a meaningful way.”

A story starring Wave by legendary X-Men artist Whilce Portacio, written by Alyssa Wong (Doctor Aphra), who has written the character before, and colored by Jay David Ramos.

Finally, a story featuring Armor and Silver Samurai that is written, drawn, colored and lettered by Ken Niimura (Umami, I Kill Giants). “It’s been a very rewarding experience, where for once it’s possible to talk about certain subjects that I think would otherwise maybe not fit a regular issue,” said Nimura.

This one looks fun:

Finally, the comic will come with an assortment of variant covers, by Rian Gonzalez, Mashal Ahmed, Peach Momoko, Inhyuk Lee and Philip Tan:

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