Marvel’s ‘Infinite Destinies’ wraps up in November

‘Giant-Size Black Cat’ will mark the end of the crossover event and the ‘Black Cat’ ongoing series.

Marvel’s Infinite Destinies event, which has been running in their annuals this summer and in the pages of the Black Cat ongoing, will wrap up in November with Giant-Size Black Cat: Infinity Score.

Writer Jed MacKay and artist C.F. Villa will bring the story featuring the Infinity Stones — and, it appears, the Black Cat ongoing — to its conclusion.

“‘One last job.’ It’s a powerful phrase. Sometimes that’s how crime stories start, and sometimes that’s how they end,” MacKay said. “In this case, it’s the latter. But never fear, we’re sending Felicia and her crew off in style with Giant-Size Black Cat #1, the 30-page finale to the Infinity Score, where we see Felicia pull off the final hair-raising heist of her series, where the risks are high and the stakes are even higher. Juggling the job, the various cosmically powered misfits she’s collected, the shady movers who are after the stones and their hosts for their own reasons, and her own personal problems, Felicia’s putting it all on the line for the greatest payoff she can imagine. And when the smoke clears, will the Black Cat have landed on her feet, or will she land herself in jail– or a grave? Find out in Giant-Size Black Cat #1 this November!”

Giant-Size Black Cat: Infinity Score arrives in stores Nov. 24.

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